Mallorca is truly a very special place that attracts people all over the world. It has enchanted many famous faces over the years and millions of people keep coming back for more every year. So, as our first official post, we would like to give you a glimpse of why Events by L loves this island so much:

1. The awe-inspiring scenery

For such a small island, Mallorca certainly has very different scenery wherever you go. From long sandy beaches, to amazing mountain views, olive groves, craggy cliffs or even windmill covered fields. They are all just as beautiful as each other and they are all perfect for a stunning photoshoot.

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2. The fusion of cultures

As a Mediterranean island, Mallorca has always been a meeting point between cultures. It has seen Fenicians, Romans, Carthaginians and was even Muslim for three centuries. The influence of all of these cultures is evident all over the island and it certainly gives it a certain je ne sais quoi.

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3. The food
The ‚Mallorquines‘ have always been very proud of their cuisine and they have a good reason to be. The island has a long list of delicious traditional Mediterranean style dishes, however, there is currently a good selection of chefs doing an interesting fusion between traditional and contemporary dishes. There are currently 9 Michelin starred restaurants, but we are sure that there will soon be more to follow!

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4. Palma
The capital of Mallorca has a special charm that not many cities can brag about. It is no surprise that it was voted by The Times as the best place in the world to live in as it  really does have everything: amazing architechture, a ridiculous amount of extremely good restaurants, the sea, a beach within a 10 min ride from the centre, history, international and local shopping, markets, a great nightlife…It’s a metropolitan city big enough to walk around within a day or two and it can cater to all sorts of visitors.

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5. The remote venues

One of the great things about this island is that you will find venues in the most unexpected of places, which gives you that extra wow factor when it comes to surprising your guests. Who would expect a beautiful stone manor in the middle of the mountains? Your guests will not only be surprised but also blown away by the beauty and uniqueness of the venue and scenery.

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