Today’s bad weather has inspired us to write about the rain. Mallorca is famously known for its stunning weather (specifically 300 days of sunshine per year) but that doesn’t mean that we don’t get the odd rainy day, even during summer. What do you do when the rain comes on your wedding day? As many brides are likely to be worrying about this weekend’s weather, we’ve put together a list to show you that a little rain on your wedding day isn’t so bad after all.

  1. Don’t panic

It’s your wedding day and it’s raining a little, or a lot. You are bound to be disappointed, you were picturing a gorgeous summer day with the sun shining above you and that image is now gone. Take a moment to be upset but don’t let it take control over the rest of your day. Sunshine or rain, you are still marrying your soulmate surrounded by your family and friends and that is all that matters.

Plus, don’t the say it’s good luck?

2. Prepare a Plan B

When you book your wedding venue, check first whether there is a Plan B on site. If there isn’t, budget it a tent im case you need to hire one for bad weather. There are many companies nowadays that let you book a tent by paying a part of the total cost in advance and then let you decide a few days ahead whether to set it up or not. If you decide not to, you only lose the deposit rather than paying for the total amount.

3. Be flexible

Allow for a little flexibility on the day. We rarely have full days of rain in Mallorca. It may only rain for a couple of hours, so even though you may have to have part of your wedding undercover it doesn’t mean that all of it has to be inside. You might be able to have your drinks reception outdoor if the rain stops or if the weather gets better during dinner there may be a possibility of setting up dessert or the wedding cake outdoors. If you have a planner, speak to them about it before the big day. They know the venue and suppliers better than anyone, so she will be able to talk you through the options.

4. Get creative

Just because you have to be undercover it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on anything. Get creative with the decor and lighting. Anything can look spectacular with a little imagination! Here are a few ideas:

5. Be adventurous

The rain can be a great opportunity to take some spectacular photos. Let your photographer guide you through it, they will have some amazing ideas. Don’t be afraid to get a little wet, the results will be incredible!

6. Prepare some rain friendly accesories

Think cute umbrellas, matching wellies or even a showstopping coat or cape to compliment your wedding dress.

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