We’re taking a break from weddings this weekend to work on an unforgettable summer party. Whether it’s your birthday or not, summer is always the perfect time to get everyone together. All you need is a great terrace, great company, great food and the rest will follow, however, focusing on the smaller details will make your bash a little extra special. This week we are sharing our tips to organise a one of a kind summer party:

  1. Choose a good theme:

Summer calls for vibrant colours so whatever you choose, make sure it’s bright and happy. Here are some ideas: Santorini style Grecian tones in white and bright blue, tropical extravaganza, a Miami style pool party, village fête with lots of colours and bunting, an all white stylish bash, a rustic barbecue dressed in red or blue gingham, a classic nautical theme, a chic beach party with white, beige and coral hues… anything is possible!

2.  Location, location:

Make sure you choose an appropiate venue, a big breezy terrace or a cozy garden will suffice but those who don’t have one available to them are not to worry. Mallorca has plenty of venues and restaurants whith great terraces and Events by L is here to recommend the best ones. Whatever you choose, make sure there is plenty of breeze as summer nights can be hot on this island!

Resultado de imagen de balneario illetas

3. Food and beverage:

In this heat, no one wants to eat a big heavy meal. Whether you’re cooking or you’ve hired a caterer, think of lighter  options rather than one big meal. A flying buffet is perfect as guests will get to enjoy a big variety of nibbles. If you are determined to have a sit down meal, try to go for refreshing options such as gazpacho, salads or fish.

As for the beverages, cocktails are always welcome but try to think out of the box to impress your guests: frozen cocktails, cocktail ice lollies, your own cocktail recipe, cocktails in probe tubes, cocktails with edible flowers… whatever you choose, make sure there is lots of ice available!

4. Lighting is key

Lighting is key at any party but especially at outdoor venues. Find out whether is any outdoor lighting available first, if there is candle light will be enough to add to the atmosphere but don’t just stick to the tables, add lanterns or lamps always look great too. Clusters of differently sized lanterns are always great to brighten up a lonely corner or a tree if you hand them. If you don’t like lanterns, think of alternatives such as battery powered fairylights in big glass vases or decorating some trees with fairylights.

If there isn’t any outdoor lighting already available at the venue, we recommend that you consider installing festoon lights. The light they give looks amazing when it’s dark and it will instantly creating a welcoming atmosphere. Fairylights will also work, however, as the bulbs are smaller you will need a lot more of them.

5. Entertainment

There is no party without music. We are very fortunate in Mallorca, as many great musicians are based here and we are therefore spoilt for choice when it comes to live music: Rock, Jazz, Cuban, Funk, Soul, Flamenco, classic party bands… you name it and we will find it for you! Live bands are our absolute favourite but if you would like to keep the budget a little more modest, Events by L can also recommend the best DJs on the island who will definitely keep your guests dancing all night. Just keep in mind that if you’re partying outside, no music is allowed outdoors after midnight, so make sure you continue the party indoors after midnight unless you want the police to turn up!

6. Keep the memories

All great parties are unforgettable, but having some pictures to look back on is invaluable. Hire a photographer to come for a couple of hours to take a few snaps, hire a fun photobooth or simply plant some instant cameras around for your guests to use, you won’t regret it!

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