When it comes to our wedding, we all dream of elegant and chic event that will have your guests in awe. In order to stay current, we like to follow the latest wedding trends and stick to them. However, stepping out of the norm is also ok from time to time! We have gathered 10 quirky ideas that will make your wedding stand out above the rest.

  1. A wedding piñata

Everyone loves a piñata because we are all big kids at heart. Who doesn’t enjoy free sweets? Have a piñata that blends in with the decor, whether it’s a disco ball hanging in the middle of the party or a flower themed piñata. No one will suspect a thing until you choose to unveil the secret piñata!

2. Flower ‘girls’

Who said that flower girls have an age limit? They can also be young at heart! Have your grandmas or mothers be the flower girls, they will love the attention and lighthearted fun.

3. Have a photo stand in

Photobooths are incredibly fun but if you want to change things up a little, consider having a funny photo stand in. A classic that never grows old!

4. Confetti bar

Keep your guests entertained before the ceremony starts by getting them to mix their own confetti. The results will be colourful!

5. Walk down the aisle with a different kind of bouquet

Not being a fan of fresh flowers doesn’t mean you can’t walk down the aisle with a bouquet. Try alternatives such as this beautiful giant paper flowers or a bouquet made of balsa wood.

6. Circular seating

Have everyone feel more involved in the ceremony by arranging the seats in a circle. Everyone will feel closer to you and your ceremony will feel even more intimate by being surrounded by your loved ones!

7. Hangover kits

Send you friends off with a personalised hangover kit for when they wake up the following day:  aspirin, a bottle of water, a sleeping mask, a bag of crisps…

8. Pom pom confetti

Reinvent confetti by using colourful pom poms instead of paper confetti. Your photos will look deliciously colourful!

9. Make your guests look glam

Set up a make up station to get your guests to rock their best festival looks on the dancefloor.

10. Have a Marry-oke!

Choose a song and get your videographer to record each of your guests performing bits of the song. Everyone will have lots of fun recording their part and it’s a great keepsake of your day. Check out this hilarious rendition of Shake It Off by Taylor Swift:

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