We have been busy at the studio these last couple of weeks coming up with different décor designs for next season’s weddings.  We’ve come accross some stunning ceremony ideas during our research, so our blog this week is all about altars!

  1. A teepee altar

Though more suited to boho couples, it’s a simple idea but it is incredibly effective. Decorate the teepee with some light floral decoration, flowy fabrics and a rug and you’ll find perfection.

Resultado de imagen de teepee altar


2. A fireplace

A fireplace is the heart of a home, so why not also make it the heart of your wedding? Fireplaces aren’t just for winter weddings, dare to take it outside and decorate with some colourful florals to brighten it up. It will create a beautiful backdrop for your ceremony.

Vintage Outdoor Wedding Ceremony under Oak Trees with Mis-Matched Vintage Upholstered Chairs | Tampa Bay Vintage Wedding Rentals by Tufted Vintage Rentals

3.  Pampas grass circle

Pampas grass is one of 2017’s hottest trends. It’s perfect for a boho-indie wedding, so why not embrace it? Surround yourselves by it and create a stunning spot for you to say I do.

50 wedding ideas you've never seen before!

4.  A palm leaf arch

You can’t talk about 2017’s hottest trends and not talk about tropical weddings. All those couples with a flare for all things tropical will be happy to now that palm leaves are perfect to create a simple yet effective ceremony arch. Isn’t the one below absolutely gorgeous?

Resultado de imagen de palm leaf arch


5. Cacti

Yet another hot trend on the wedding scene. The simplicity and odd shapes of these plants is what makes them so attractive. Don’t overkill it, sometimes less is more. Try combining the rich green tones of the cacti with a neutral color such as white or beige.

Resultado de imagen de cacti ceremony

6. Candle extravaganza

Create a fairytale like scene by going all out on candles. Candles create such a warm and romantic light, that they are perfect for an evening or indoor ceremony. Look at this gorgeous set up of logs and candles. It looks just like Snow White’s wedding!

Woodland ceremony decor with logs and candles A Dreamy Glow An illuminated ceremony altar adds a romantic glow to an outdoor ceremony during any season. Created with only tree stumps and candles, this setting looks simply gorgeous for a woodland wedding.Looking for more woodsy wedding ideas Find more inspiration in tmountain wedding details andwoodland table picks


7. Giant wreath

If you’re tired of the traditional wedding arch, this might be the alternative for you: a giant wreath. Wreaths are the new arches and it is no wonder that they are currently so popular, they are beautiful! If you don’t believe us look at the one below

Resultado de imagen de wedding wreath altar


8. Succulents instead of flowers

We have clearly professed our love for succulents here at Events by L, so we could not write a blog on wedding decor and not include succulents. If you are not a big fan of flowers, or even if you are, succulents are a great alternative to florals. Look at this beautifully decorated chuppah.

Fantastic Wedding Altars | OneWed

9. A statement tree

If you’re marrying outdoors work with what you have available to you. Choose a beautiful looking tree and turn it into the focal point of the ceremony. Add some decorations to turn it into something magical, just like this one.

The bride and groom in wedding arch. Wood wedding ceremony in Russia, Kolomna. Жених и Невеста в арке, свадебная церемония в лесу. Свадьба в Коломне, фотограф - Марина Лобанова.

10. Macrame heaven

Who said that macrame was a thing from the past? Create a beautiful backdrop for your wedding ceremony with a fabulous macrame piece.

Wild and Bright Boho Wedding Inspiration | Ainslee Burke Photography


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