Ho ho ho! Christmas is only a couple of days away and we couldn’t be more excited! As one of our favourite days of the year draws close, here at Events by L we are preparing to celebrate Christmas in style, covering everything from the food, to the decor and the gifts. Brace yourselves for Christmas by L!

Decorating the Christmas tree is one of our favourite parts. While a large traditional tree is absolutely stunning, we understand that nowadays we don’t always have the space for one. We have opted for a ‘wall tree’ this year in the office, however there are lots of other creative alternatives. Whatever you do, make sure the decor reflects your personality. Can you guess which is our tree?


There is nothing more welcoming than seeing a wreath hanging from a door as you come in. Whether its big and richly decorated or small and discrete, there are plenty easy DIY options out there.


Whether you are an organised or a last minute shopper, there is always time for a little gift wrapping. Gift wrapping from shops is ever so practical, yet a little impersonal. Personalised gift wrapping makes any present look that little extra special, even if it is just a small gift. This year we are in love with plain parcel paper, as you can add all sorts of small elements to make it look great without being a gift wrapping ninja.

The table is one of the most important elements of Christmas, as it is where we all gather to celebrate Christmas together. Plan your table decor carefully, remember that less is more (especially with all the extra food!) We love all things natural this year, so here at Events by L we are putting together a simple and natural look for our table. What do you think?


Just like we say about a wedding, food and drink is key. Christmas food is always very traditional and tradition is always best, however you can always surprise your guests by spicing it up a little bit with new Christmas inspired coktails such as a White Christmas mojito or a Christmas sangria or some fancy nibbles. Here are some ideas:

Don’t forget that Christmas is all about surrounding yourself with your loved ones! So eat, drink, cheer and most of all laugh together!

Events by L wishes you a very merry Christmas!